14 Jul 2008


From the research of Denise M. THOMAS, who kindly sent me a copy of her family tree booklet of the HUMMERSTONS and GOLDSMITHS of July 1990



b. 1822 Epping, Essex, Eng.

son of George HUMMERSTON and Mary PINDON, occ: a shoemaker, probably of Epping, Essex, England. a shoemaker and later in the hotel industry in Chidlows, WA.

m1. 27th April 1854 St James Church, Melbourne, Victoria.

d. 28th October 1907 Newbond Street, Midland, Perth, WA.

bd. 29th October 1907 "St Mary's", Middle Swan Cemetery, Perth, WA.. 


first marriage of Michael m/to


b. 16th May 1834 South Petherwin, Cornwall, England.

dau of Thomas HONEY, farmer of South Petherwin, and Mary GOODMAN see internet file at

< HoneyFirst >

d. 1876 Victoria (#12403/1876 Vic)

ten children




            first child of Michael Hummerston and Charlotte nee HONEY

Clara Ann Maria HUMMERSTON b. 1855 Steiglitz, Vic m. 29 Aug 1878 Stansbury, SA. (#116/808 SA.)   m/to

Daniel Thomas TAPLEY b. 15 May 1844 Moulmein, Burma. son of Daniel and Margaret of Burma and Woodville, SA. arr c1860 d. 29 Jan 1909 Adelaide, SA. occ: bank manager of Adelaide, Redhill and Caltowie



Edith Charlotte TAPLEY b. 1879 (#224/396) SA.


Olive Mary TAPLEY b. 1880 (#252/280) SA.


Ida Herse TAPLEY b. 1886 (#377/380) SA.




            second child of Michael Hummerston and Charlotte nee HONEY

Rosaline Helena HUMMERSTON b. 1858 Steiglitz, Vic d. 1859 Steiglitz, Vic. aged 1 year




            third child of Michael Hummerston and Charlotte nee HONEY

Rhoda Louisa HUMMERSTON b. 1859 Geelong, Vic. (#19782/1859 Vic), m. 6 Feb 1879 SA. (#118/610 SA.), m/to

James Hogarth CRAWFORD b.







fourth child of Michael Hummerston and Charlotte nee HONEY

Charles Francis (Hummy) HUMMERSTON b. 13 May 1861 Carlton, Vic. (#11851 / 1861 Vic), m1. 1884 Adelaide, SA. (#140/830 SA.) d. 20 May 1930 RPH, Perth. res Kalamunda, WA. bd. Anglican, (#KB 041 506) Karrakatta, WA. aged 70 years. occ: marine engineer and marine consultant, publican - built Kalamunda Hotel.  first m1/to

Elizabeth Jane WATSON b. c1860 Adelaide, dau of James WATSON and Prescilla (MARTIN) d. 1905 Swan, WA (#2754/1905 WA)



Lindsay Gordon HUMMERSTON b. 19 Jun 1887 SA. (#398/461 SA) m. 1910 Cottesloe, WA. d. 3 Mar 1946 res Brentwood Rd, Wattle Grove, WA. bd. 5 Mar 1946 Anglican, (#KB 079 301) Karrakatta, WA. aged 58 years, occ: engineer, had a garage in King St, Perth.m/to

Adelaide Jubilee FERGUSON b. 1887 d. 11 Dec 1950 Subiaco, WA. bd. Anglican, (#KB 091 175) Karrakatta, WA. aged 63 years.



Horace Stanley HUMMERSTON b. 16 Jun 1890 SA. (#460/481 SA.) m. Feb 1920 d. 20 Apr 1926 Kalamunda, WA. bd. Anglican, (#KB 033 714) Karrakatta, WA. Captain in 16th Btn, A.I.F. Military Cross, POW Germany. m/to

Lucy Ellen GALE b. 1897 of Kalamunda, WA. d. 10 Sep 1942 South Perth, WA. bd. Anglican, (#KC 001 122), Karrakatta, WA.






Gladys Jelleen HUMMERSTON b. 31 Jan 1895 SA (#557/420 SA), married and moved to Victoria, m/to





second marriage of Charles Francis HUMMERSTON m2. c1915 Kalamunda, WA. m/to

Rose CHUBB b. c1892 London, Eng. Charles and Rose had a boarding house at 36 Wellington St Perth Rose later married Richard Furze d. c1941



Stanley William HUMMERSTON b. 24 Jan 1929 Perth, WA. m. 15 Oct 1955 Adelaide, SA. d. 9 Jan 1997 and cr. 14 Jan 1997 Melbourne, Vic. res Melbourne and Normanville, Vic. occ: national manager of furniture retailer.  m/to

June Marie ALLAN b. SA. medical technician, haematology

A. Mark William HUMMERSTON b. 1956 SA. occ: manager purchasing timber products

B. Guy Richard HUMMERSTON b. 1959 SA. m. 1986 occ: planning associate with Mobil Oil 

m/to Sally Ann BULLOCK

..... 1. Richard James HUMMERSTON b. 1987

..... 2. Cameron McIntyre HUMMERSTON b. 1990





            fifth child of Michael Hummerston and Charlotte nee HONEY

Henry Augustus HUMMERSTON b. 23 Dec 1862 Carlton, Vic (#3369/1863 Vic), m1. 28 Feb 1887 North Adelaide, SA (#150/797 SA) d. 17th March 1932 Mt Lawley, WA. bd. Anglican (#KB 145 345) Karrakatta Cemetery, WA. aged 68 years occ: publican Helena Vale Hotel, Mundaring Hotel, WA.  first marriage  m/to

Eliza Emily GOLDSMITH b. 28 Feb 1861 Laxey, Isle of Man, dau of Daniel Robert GOLDSMITH and Eliza (SHIMMIN), d. 10 Jul 1900 Swan, WA. (#2189/1900 WA), bd Swan Cemetery, WA. aged 38 years.



Rhoda Myrtle HUMMERSTON b. 1888 SA. (#371/117 SA.) m. 4 Jun 1911 d. 29 Aug 1969 bd. Anglican (#KC 032 917) Karrakatta, WA. aged 81 years. res Claremont, WA.m/to

Wesley Carter INKPEN b. c1879 York WA. (brother of Walter Avon INKPEN b. 1874 in the WEATHERALL family line) d. 23 Jan 1939 Greenmount, WA. bd. (#KC 000160) Karrakatta, WA.

A. Helen INKPEN b. cc1924

m/to Kirwin WARD (cartoonist) b. 25 Oct 1924 Sandringham, Vic. d. 16 Nov 2006 Caves Road, Margaret River, WA.


C. Murray INKPEN



Dorothy Eliza HUMMERSTON b. 1889 SA. (#432/91 SA)  m/to




Harry Goldsmith HUMMERSTON b. 16 Jan 1891 Adelaide, SA. (#473/68 SA.) m1. 24 Jun 1914 Narogin WA. d. 6 Apr 1955 Melbourne, Vic. occ: farmer and Trotting Association Handicapper and Chief Steward in WA and later in Vic.

first marriage m1 & div/to

Ada Mary CHIPPER b. 22 Oct 1890 Wickepin, WA. d. 14 May 1978 Mt Lawley, WA. cr. 18 May 1976 Karrakatta, (#KC 057 358) WA. aged 85 years




Harry Victor HUMMERSTON b. 1916 Cottesloe, WA. m. 1939 occ: State Manager, Elders m/to

Irene Miriam PIGGOTT b. 1919 Bunbury, WA.

1. Dianne Marie HUMMERSTON


..... a. Brett Kingsley TIZZARD b. c1968

..... b. Kylie Jane TIZZARD b. c1971





Lawrence Slade (Mick) HUMMERSTON  b. 1919 Kalgoorlie, WA. m1. occ: stock agent Dalgetys/Elders, now self employed agent Balgowlah, NSW    m/to

Patricia TOWER

second marriage of Lawrence  m2. 1969 Sydney, NSW.

Elizabeth Frances LEGGETT b. 1941 Merriwa, NSW.

1. Judith Goldie HUMMERSTON b. 1970 Melbourne, Vic.

2. David HUMMERSTON b. 1972 Melbourne Vic.




Judith HUMMERSTON b. 1921 / 1922 WA. occ: nurse  m/to


1. William JAMES

m/to Tarna

2. Wendy JAMES

m/to Mr WALSH




Kenneth HUMMERSTON b. 1925 WA. m. 1949 occ: stock agent /to

Mary Patricia (Pat) GREENWOOD

1. Caroline HUMMERSTON b. 1951 Perth, WA. occ: nursing sister in ultra sound in Sydney

2. Harry Kenneth HUMMERSTON b. 1952 Perth, WA. m. 1972 Perth, WA. occ: Head of Print Making Dept, Curtin University

m/to Joanne ANDERSON

..... a. Michael Savage HUMMERSTON b. 1980 Perth

..... b. Ellen Patricia HUMMERSTON b. 1982 Perth

..... c. John HUMMERSTON b. 1985 Perth, WA.



second marriage of Harry Goldsmith Hummerston, m2. 1949 Melbourne, Vic. m2/to

Dorothy CRAIG


Douglas Goldsmith HUMMERSTON b. 1898 Swan WA (#4450/1898 WA) d. 1898             Swan, WA. (#2627/1898 WA.) aged 7 months

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

second marriage of Henry Augustus HUMMERSTON, m2. 1901 SA. (209/1 SA)  m/to

Annie GOLDSMITH b. 18 Nov 1872 Laxey, Isle of Man, dau of Daniel Robert GOLDSMITH and Eliza (SHIMMIN), d. 2 Oct 1956 Mosman, Sydney, NSW. bd. Anglican (#KO 105 848) Karrakatta, WA. aged 84 years.

further children of Henry Augustus HUMMERSTON, first of Annie GOLDSMITH



John Goldsmith (Jack) HUMMERSTON b. 1 Jul 1906 SA. (#768/304 SA.) d. 28 Aug 1982 Springwood. bd. Anglican (KO 167 830) Karrakatta, WA. aged 76 years, occ: owner of a menswear store, Murray Street, Perth, WA. 

Phyllis Thelma b. 1906 d. 13 Sep 1988 Perth, WA. bd. Anglican (KO 174 412) Karrakatta, WA. aged 82 years res NSW




            sixth child of Michael Hummerston and Charlotte nee HONEY

Edith Maude HUMMERSTON b. 1865 Melbourne, Vic. (#16726/1865 Vic) m. 23 Mar 1885 SA. (#142/1231 SA.)

Frederick Stacey PEARCE  b.




            seventh child of Michael Hummerston and Charlotte nee HONEY

Ada HUMMERSTON b. 1866 (?)





            eighth child of Michael Hummerston and Charlotte nee HONEY

Richard Ernest HUMMERSTON b. 11 May 1867 Stoney Creek, Vic. (#24851/1867 Vic), m. 2 Apr 1890 SA. (#163/553 SA.) d. 2 Nov 1936 East Perth, WA. bd. Anglican (#KB 055 808) Karrakatta, WA. aged 70 years. occ: timber milling, publican of Lion Mill and several others, WA..  m/to

Catherine Jane GOLDSMITH b. 26 Feb 1866 Laxey, Isle of Man, dau of Daniel Robert GOLDSMITH and Eliza (SHIMMIN), d. 15 Aug 1949 Maylands, WA. bd. Anglican (#KC 004 513) Karrakatta, WA. occ: tailoress, she came from a family of tailors of Tynte St, Nth Adelaide.



Eliza Cathleen HUMMERSTON b. 1891 SA (#473/240 SA) d. 1891 SA (#197/34 SA) infant death




Richard Goldsmith (Dick) HUMMERSTON b. 3 Sep 1892 Perth WA (#1541/1892 Perth) m1. 8 Apr 1920 d. 3 Nov 1976 Tuart Hill, WA. bd. Anglican (#KC 052 707) Karrakatta, WA. aged 84 years. occ: farming, self employed, lift operator  m/to

Myra Delia THACKRAH b. 1892 of Northam, WA. d. 23 Mar 1955 Maylands, WA. bd. Karrakatta, WA.





Edwin Richard HUMMERSTON b. 10 Dec 1921 Perth, WA. m. 6 Nov 1944 St Hildas Church, North Perth WA. d. 21 Nov 1983 Geraldton, WA. bd. Anglican (KC 075 528) Karrakatta, WA. aged 61 years. electrical engineering, lift mechanic. m/to

Margaret MASSEY b. cc1921

1. Murray HUMMERSTON b. Feb 1947 d. 7 Mar 1947 Bedford Park, WA. bd. Garden (#KB 081 914) Karrakatta, WA. aged 3 weeks.

2. Roger HUMMERSTON b. 1948 m. 1973 occ: motor cycle business proprietor

m/to Margaret-Ann PHILLIPS b. c1950 occ: has the Geraldton dancing school

3. Pamela HUMMERSTON b. 1950 m. 1968

m/to Michael CHARLTON

..... a. Rodney CHARLTON b. 1969

..... b. Kylie CHARLTON b. 1970 d. 1982

..... c. Daniel CHARLTON b. 1975




Peter Lynn HUMMERSTON b. 1923 Perth, WA. m. 1947 Wesley Church WA. occ: electrical engineer Manager T.N.T. Refrigeration    m/to

Patricia Isobel Blanche STEPHENS b. 1926 Wagin, WA. secretary

1. Lynn HUMMERSTON b. 1950 KEMH Subiaco, WA. m. 1972 occ: Pilot ‑ Australian Army.

m/to Pamela Anne BOSSE b. 1952 Toowoomba, Qld. occ: dental nurse

..... a. Dean HUMMERSTON b. 1973 Angau, PNG

..... b. Deanna Kristine HUMMERSTON b. 1975 Toowoomba, Qld.

..... c. Tanya Maree HUMMERSTON b. 1977 Ripon, Eng.

2. Jo Matilde HUMMERSTON b. 1954 KEMH, Subiaco, WA. m. 1982 Wembley Methodist Church, WA. occ: State Registered Nurse 

m/to Kym James Ansell MINNIS b. 1958 Broken Hill, NSW. occ: Pilot ‑ RAAF, Singapore Airlines



second marriage of Richard Goldsmith (Dick) HUMMERSTON





Harold Francis Shimmin HUMMERSTON b. 1897 Lion Mill, WA. (#2705/1897 WA.) d. 1898 WA. (#2599/1898 WA.) bd. Swan, WA. aged 11 months




Annie Romiro (Ro) HUMMERSTON b. 6 Mar 1899 Swan, WA. (#4592/1899) WA.) m1/3. 10 Apr 1928 Singapore. d. 6 Nov 1981 Perth, WA. bd. Karrakatta, WA. occ: tailoress and secretary. m/to

Terrence WRAY d. 1940 Melbourne, Vic. died of cancer. occ: Water Policeman.




Patricia WRAY b. 1932 d. 27 Jul 1934 Singapore. bd. Karrakatta, WA. aged 2 yrs



second marriage of Annie Romiro HUMMERSTON m. Singapore. m. & div/to

John JEANS occ: Chief of Harbour Police, Singapore.


third marriage of Annie Romiro HUMMERSTON m. c1955 Perth, WA.

Baron Herbert SOLOMON d. 28 May 1985 Perth WA. occ: surveyor



Leonard Goldsmith HUMMERSTON b. 13 Apr 1901 Lion Mill, WA. (#5169/1901 Swan WA.) m. 10 Apr 1928 Christ Church Geraldton WA. d. 15th March 1964 Hollywood Repat, res Thornlie, WA. bd. Gardens (#KC 021 867) Karrakatta, WA. aged 62 years. occ: electrician, salesman, self employed  m/to

Grace May HAIGH 3 May 1900 Geraldton, WA. d. 12 Jul 1973 Perth, WA. occ: nurse




Margaret Romero HUMMERSTON b. 1929 Nedlands Tresillian Hospital, WA. m. 1948 St Patricks, Mt Lawley, WA. occ: secretary, librarian    m/to

Edward John ELLIOT b. 1920 Cottesloe, WA. occ: farmer

1. Gregory John ELLIOT b. 1950 Subiaco, WA. m. 1974 R.C. Como, Perth WA. occ: owner school bus runs, Manager of Wyalkatchem Ampol Fuel Depot, WA.

m/to Noreen MULCAHY b. cc1950 occ: school teacher

..... a. Keiran Leigh ELLIOT b. 1978

..... b. Rian David ELLIOT b. 1980

..... c. Kris Nathan ELLIOT b. 1981

2. Denise Margaret ELLIOT b. 1952 Subiaco WA. m. 1971 St Andrews, Perth, WA. occ: ambulance officer,

m/to Lindsay Ralph THOMAS b. cc1952

..... a. Jeremy Craig THOMAS b. 1972

..... b. Robyn Lynne THOMAS b. 1974

3. Jennifer Ellen ELLIOT b. 1955 Mt Lawley WA. m. 1975 Midland, WA. occ: receptionist, dental 

m/to Leslie Ronald STONE b. cc1955

..... a. Mark Aaron STONE b. 1978 died young

..... b. Kate Louise STONE b. 1981

..... c. Campbell John STONE b. 1984

4. Catherine Jane ELLIOT b. 12 Jun 1958 d. 14 Jun 1958 Wyalkatchem, WA.




Ian Leonard HUMMERSTON b. 1932 Perth, WA. m. 1953 New Church, Perth, WA. occ: journalist and Editor "Daily News"   m/to

Irene Mary JAMIESON b. 1933 WA. occ: school teacher

1. David Ian HUMMERSTON b. 1954 Perth, WA. m. 1973 Perth, WA. occ: Features Editor WA. Newspapers

m/to Janet Clair FRUIN b. 1954 East Victoria Park, WA. potter

..... a. Si  HUMMERSTON b. 1975 Attadale, WA.

..... b. Cale HUMMERSTON b. 1978 Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW.

..... c. Grace HUMMERSTON b. 1980 Camberwell, Vic.

2. Lianne Patrice HUMMERSTON b. 1955 Perth WA. m. 1975 Perth, WA. occ: secretary

m/to Phillip Joseph BLACKWELL b. 1954 occ: insurance broker

..... a. Jemma Michelle BLACKWELL b. 1978

..... b. Brooke Nikita BLACKWELL b. 1980

..... c. Marika Claire BLACKWELL b. 1984

3. Jaye Michelle HUMMERSTON b. 1960 Perth, WA. m. 1988 Matilda Bay Lodge, Perth, WA. occ: shop work  

m/to Graeme Millar QUINN b. cc1960

4. Erin Margaret HUMMERSTON b. 1962 Perth, WA. m. 1981 Perth, WA. 

m/to Lou John RUMMER b. cc1962

..... a. Lee Blair RUMMER b. 1987

..... b. Codi Jay RUMMER b. 1989




Noel Frederick HUMMERSTON b. 1934 Midland Junction, WA. m1. 10 Nov 1956 St Patricks Church, Mt Lawley, WA. poultry industry   m1/to

Maureen Ann KELLY b. 1935 Perth, WA.

1. Craig Bradley HUMMERSTON b. 1960 KEMH, Subiaco, WA.

2. Gary Clayton HUMMERSTON b. 1962 Launceston, Tas.

second marriage of Noel Frederick HUMMERSTON m2. 1984 Germany.

Lilllan Melba PEDLAR b. cc1934





            ninth child of Michael Hummerston and Charlotte nee HONEY

Lillian Rose HUMMERSTON b. 1869 Stony Creek Vic (#19075 Vic)  m1. 1890 (#162/926 SA.) d. 2 Oct 1957 of Kalamunda, WA. bd. Karrakatta Cemetery, WA. (ashes scattered in Rose Garden #KC00012491) aged 87 years

John Paul OVERTON b. 1861 likely d. 11 Mar 1937 of Perth, WA. bd. Karrakatta Cemetery, WA. (Anglican #LE0802 #KB00056621) aged 76 years



Judith OVERTON b. c1890’s



Rodney (Roddy) OVERTON b. c1890’s occ: newspaper lad in Perth



Harold Kingsley OVERTON b. 1898 d. 16 Mar 1972 of Subiaco, WA. bd. Karrakatta Cemetery, WA. (crem Rose Gardens #24/70, #KC00039208) aged 83 years



Myra Mary OVERTON b. 1899 Lion Mill, WA. m. 1928 Perth, WA. (#1619/1928 WA.) m/to Alan M. CAMPBELL b. cc1899 





            tenth child of Michael Hummerston and Charlotte nee HONEY

Adella Victoria (Della) HUMMERSTON b. 1872 Steiglitz, Vic. (#5757/1872 Vic) m. 1897 Swan, WA. (#1533/1897 WA.) d. 23 Apr 1940 of Swanbourne, WA. bd. Karrakatta Cemetery, WA. (crem Rose Gardens #WD/0044 #KC00000402) aged 67 years    m/to

John Harold DOWSON b. 1860 d. 27 Apr 1945 of Swanbourne, WA. bd. Karrakatta Cemetery, WA. (crem Rose Gardens #WD/0044, #KC00002125) aged 85 years   



Gwendoline Cawley DOWSON b. 1901 WA. d. 7 Jun 1980 of Toowoomba, Qld. memorial in Karrakatta Cemetery, WA. (Niche Wall, crem Rose Gardens #WD/0023, #KO00162799) aged 79 years, occ: headmistress of a Queensland girl’s school, unmarried



John Seymour DOWSON b. 1906 WA. d. 2 Dec 1966 of Mosman Park, WA. bd. Karrakatta Cemetery, WA. (crem Rose Gardens #10D/0018, #KC00027059) aged 60 years



Reginald Clive DOWSON b. 1909 WA. d. 2 Nov 1949 of Norseman, WA. bd. Karrakatta Cemetery, WA. (Niche Wall, crem Rose Gardens #WD/0004, #KC00027059) aged 40 years






second marriage of Michael HUMMERSTON, following the death of Charlotte in 1876

m2. 1882 SA. (#132/419 SA.)      m/to


  Mary Jane McCRACKEN (nee OWENS)


two further children of Michael HUMMERSTON


            eleventh child of Michael Hummerston, first of Mary McCRACKEN

Michael George HUMMERSTON b. 22 Apr 1883 Quorn, SA. (#303/423 SA.) m. 1916 d. 11 Jul 1946   m/to

Daisy Eliza Agnes GOULD b. 1896 d. 12 Aug 1974 West Perth, WA. bd. Wesleyan (#KB 149 828) Karrakatta, WA. aged 78 years







            twelfth child of Michael Hummerston, second of Mary McCRACKEN

William Victor HUMMERSTON b. 8 Feb 1887 Adelaide, SA. (#390/424 SA.) m. 1909 Fremantle, WA. d. 12 Jan 1973 Nedlands, WA. bd. R/C (#KB 146 175) Karrakatta, WA. aged 85 years

Florence Ellen HAYMAN b. 6 Mar 1889 Fremantle, WA. d. 31 Dec 1983 Como, WA. bd. R/C (#KB 166 819) Karrakatta, WA. age 94 years, community support. City of Perth Councillor, J.P. OBE

Inducted into Womans Hall of Fame 8 Mar 2012 – see biography



Emily May Catherine HUMMERSTON b. 1920 d. 29 Oct 1938 Yarloop, WA. bd. R/C (#KB 038 011) Karrakatta, WA. age 18 years.




additional unattached Hummerstons


A favourite nephew of the Hummerston family – son of who ?



Eric Arthur William HUMMERSTON b. 31 Jan 1915 Perth, WA. m. 1941 Perth, WA. enlisted #406979 on 26 May 1941 Perth, WA. discharged as Warrant Officer in 6 Squadron on 15 Mar 1946     m/to

Annie O’DWYER b.cc1915 WA.




AA.      Herbert John HUMMERSTON b. c1874 d. 25 Jul 1937 Perth, WA. bd. Anglican (#KB 057 510) Karrakatta, WA. aged 63 years

   possibly the 11th child of Michael and Charlotte




Frances Augustus HUMMERSTON b. 16 Dec 1884 SA (#341/408)



Reynold Murray HUMMERSTON b. 12 Apr 1886 SA. (#371/117 SA)



Reginald Arthur HUMMERSTON b. c1889 d. 3 Feb 1925 Perth, WA. bd. Anglican (#KB 030 884) Karrakatta, WA. aged 36 years



Robert Kinsley HUMMERSTON b. 23 Nov 1889 SA (#451/091)



Hubert V HUMBERSTON b. 1892 Northampton, WA.(#1422 WA)



David HUMBERSTON b. 1897 Northampton, WA. (#2075 WA.)



                                                            end of file




(1) William GOLDSMITH

b. cc1755 Eng.             m. c1790 Eng. d. 28 Apr 1828            m/to



b. 22 Oct 1755

children - one known about, likely others




            child of William GOLDSMITH and Jane KERMEEN

(1) William GOLDSMITH b. 3 May 1795 m. 7 Mar 1818 d. 30 Jul 1871  m/to

Isabel KERMODE b. 12 Jul 1795 d. 28 Jul 1862



Jane GOLDSMITH b. 22 Aug 1819 Maughold, Isle Of Man, Eng.


Isabella GOLDSMITH b. 23 Jan 1825 Maughold, Isle Of Man, Eng.


Catherine GOLDSMITH b. 4 Aug 1828 Maughold, Isle Of Man, Eng.


William GOLDSMITH b. 7 Mar 1830 m. 1856 Maughold, Isle Of Man, Eng. d. 30 Jan 1899


Mary Margaret GOLDSMITH b. 8 Jul 1832 Maughold, Isle Of Man, Eng. d. 24 Jul 1858


Daniel GOLDSMITH b. 25 Jan 1835 Maughold, Isle Of Man, Eng.


Daniel Robert GOLDSMITH b. 30 Apr 1837 Maughold, Isle Of Man, Eng. m. 10 May 1860 d. 24 Nov 1897  m/to

Eliza SHINNIN b. 1841 d. 23 Aug 1919 - see below


John James GOLDSMITH b. 14 Apr 1839 Maughold, Isle Of Man, Eng. d. 2 Nov 1864



            child of William GOLDSMITH & Isabel KERMODE

(1) Daniel Robert GOLDSMITH b. 30 Apr 1837 Maughold, Isle Of Man, Eng. m. 10 May 1860 d. 24 Nov 1897

Eliza SHINNIN b. 1841 d. 23 Aug 1919



Emily Eliza GOLDSMITH b. 6 Feb 1861 or b. 28 Feb 1861 Isle Of Man, Eng. m. 1886 CofE North Adelaide, SA. d. 10 Jul 1900 Perth, & bd. Swan Churchyard, WA. aged 38 years   m/to

Henry Augustus HUMMERSTON b. 23 Dec 1862 Carlton, Vic. d. 17 Mar 1932 Perth, WA. - four children of first marriage


Mary Ellen GOLDSMITH b. 4 Dec 1862 Isle Of Man, Eng. m/to

K KURTH b. cc1862


Annie M GOLDSMITH b. c1864 Isle Of Man, Eng. died aged 15 months


William H GOLDSMITH b. 15 Oct 1865 Isle Of Man, Eng. died aged 7 months


Catherine Jane GOLDSMITH b. 26 Feb 1866 Laxey, bp. 20 Oct 1867 Lonan, Isle Of Man, Eng. m. 2 Apr 1890 South Australia ? d. 15 Aug 1949 Mount Hospital, Perth, WA.

Richard Ernest HUMMERSTON b. 11 May 1867 Stoney Creek, Vic. d. 2 Nov 1936 Perth, WA. - five children


Jessie GOLDSMITH b. 1 Sep 1868 Isle Of Man, Eng. m/to

Mr WRIGHT b. cc1868


Daniel Robert GOLDSMITH b. 9 May 1870 Isle Of Man, Eng. m. 1894 Adelaide SA. d. 26 Nov 1945  m/to

Amy Matilda SMITH b. 6 Feb 1861 Isle Of Man, Eng. - seven children


Annie GOLDSMITH b. 18 Nov 1872 Isle Of Man, Eng. m. d. 10 Feb 1956 Sydney, NSW. bd. Karrakatta, WA.  his second marriage - m/to

Henry Augustus HUMMERSTON b. 23 Dec 1862 Carlton, Vic. d. 17 Mar 1932 Perth, WA. - one child of second marriage


Isabel Romero GOLDSMITH b. 27 Jul 1874 Isle Of Man, Eng. m. 10 Sep 1928 d. 1967

William Henry KITTO b. 18 Jun (or 20 Sep) 1855 Con, Eng. (Q3 1855 #5c/161 Truro) (s/o William KITTO & Grace DAVIES of Perranzabuloe, Cornwall d. 23 Mar 1930 Union Mills, Burnside, IOM & bd. 26 (or 29) Mar 1930 St Paul's Church, Foxdale, IOM. aged 74 years, his second marriage - see IOM KITTO family


Oliver GOLDSMITH b. 4 Jan 1877 Isle Of Man, Eng.


John Williams GOLDSMITH b. 10 Jul 1878 Isle Of Man, Eng. d. 1881


George Shimmin GOLDSMITH b. 8 May 1880 Isle Of Man, Eng.





Australian Dictionary of Biography

Hummerston, Florence Ellen (Flo) (1889-1983)

by Jenny Gregory

Florence Ellen (Flo) Hummerston (1889-1983), community leader and city councillor, was born on 6 March 1889 at Fremantle, Western Australia, fourth of eight surviving children of George Hayman, labourer and later accountant, and his wife Emily, nee Mason. A robust child, Florence attended St Joseph's convent school, Fremantle, and Underwood Business College and then worked as a typist for her father. She married Victor William Hummerston (d.1973), an engineer, on 22 September 1909 at St Patrick's Catholic Church, Fremantle.


Flo Hummerston's charity work began when her only child, 7-year-old Emily, was concerned about a poor family whose father was ill. Her philanthropic involvement increased after her daughter's death, from kidney failure, in 1928. Living in Perth, Mrs Hummerston became involved in the Women's Service Guilds of Western Australia (vice president 1937-40). In World War II she helped to establish the Women's Australian National Service and, as its State commander, was involved in the foundation of the Australian Women's Land Army in Western Australia. She set up an emergency housekeeping service in 1943. That year under the WANS banner she also established a home which became Wanslea Hostel (for Children of Sick Mothers). She was an honorary director of the home for twenty-five years. In 1946 the Women's Service Guild established a women's parliament to train them for high office; Mrs Hummerston was its first minister for housing and immigration. She launched the League of Home Help for Sick & Aged in 1953 and Meals on Wheels in 1954 and was president of the latter for twenty years.


The first woman councillor (1951-69) of the City of Perth, Hummerston needed to be confident. Lord Mayor Totterdell had hoped no woman would be elected because they "were inclined to prolong discussions and so waste time'. Others worried that her success would 'ruin the old club permanently'. Health issues, such as improved methods of handling foodstuffs and the inclusion of electric hand dryers and incinerators in women's rest rooms, were among her interests. She objected to "double dealing' by sitting councillors and inconsistent re-zoning that favoured developers. Despite the slogan "Don't say no to Flo', she was unsuccessful in the 1953 State election and in her bid for the position of lord mayor in 1964. She believed that women's "stepping stone is through Local Government, co-operating with men in the framing of social measures so closely associated with the home and family life'.


A tall, gaunt and visionary woman with high standards and singled-minded determination, although noted for her sense of humour, Mrs Hummerston was called "Battleaxe Hummerston' by her detractors. She was president of the Tuberculosis (and Chest) Association of Western Australia and the women's auxiliary of the Perth Chest (Sir Charles Gairdner) Hospital and an executive member of the Children's Protection Society of Western Australia and the National Fitness Council of Western Australia. A justice of the peace from 1952, she was appointed QBE in 1960 and a freeman of Perth in 1979. Mrs Hummerston was an ardent monarchist. She died on 31 December 1983 at Como and was buried in the Catholic section of Karrakatta cemetery. A child-minding centre, a small park and a residential lodge for the elderly bear her name.


Select Bibliography

• D. Popham (ed), Reflections (1978)

• P. Wellstead, The WANS (2005)

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