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Rat Island in the Abrolhos Islands


I now have two fiction books published. My third (the trequel) is taking time.

I now have a non-fiction family history book, RHODA, published locally.

Devlin Pool Summary                           Published 2013


On a dark and stormy night, four sailors abscond from a two masted schooner with the captain’s treasure. They don’t get too far away before they fall under the sinister spell of Devlin Pool.  In more modern times, a body is unearthed in the soft wind-blown sands of the pool. Barney Merrick and Zep Marcon, two Geraldton detectives, are tasked with solving this recent murder, amid the turmoil of a bikie drug feud, an Aboriginal rights demonstration and a local football Grand Final. A meeting between Barney and the young Geraldton Guardian female reporter, Carleen Camello, leads to her involvement in the investigation which spreads to include the four ancient sailors, and an Aboriginal massacre. Barney is also a regular league player for the Railways Football Club in their endeavour to reach the football Grand Final.


A passage from Devlin Pool

Batavia Shores Summary                     Published 2014


One dark night, on a Dutch East Indiaman in the middle of a tormented ocean, a sailor is knifed and thrown overboard. The two assassins are sentenced and marooned ashore on the barren Batavia coast of Western Australia.

In more modern times, detectives Barney Merrick and Zep Marcon are faced with the tortured and murdered body of a well-respected local car salesman. Another body drifts in, also showing signs of being tortured before death. Is this the work of a deranged serial killer?

As they struggle to solve these crimes they are confronted with a gun running interstate gang and well-armed international drug organisation.

While he participates in the local football competition, Barney mentors a young footballer when an inter-tribal feud threatens to terminate the lad’s potential AFL career.


A passage from Batavia Shores                       and one Review


These above two books are works of pure fiction.  Some of my mates names may appear, however all characters and all events are entirely fictitious.

My non-fiction book is a family history



RHODA – Her Life and Times              Published 2015


Rhoda Bennett was born in 1857 in Brimpton Mill in Berkshire in England, where she grew up. In 1881 she married Andrew Stewart in Bangor, County Down in Ireland. Their five children were born and raised in Glasgow and Clydebank in Scotland as the nearby shipyards were gearing up for war. With their four young adult sons, they had sailed to Western Australia by 1913, and pioneered a farm in the wheatlands of Narembeen.

Two of her sons were lost in the First War, one at Gallipoli and one at Passchendael. A third, my grandfather, wounded at Poziers,  returned to the farm to convalesce. The farm was lost during the depression of 1829, when the aged parents retired to Cottesloe and the two remaining sons joined them, one with a large growing family.

Her husband, Andrew, died just before the start of the Second War, and Rhoda again watched in trepidation as her son re-enlisted and two grandsons joined the conflict. All her family had returned to her by 1945, when Rhoda finally died at home at the age of 87 years.

This is the story of the times that Rhoda, my great grandmother, lived through.

A review of Rhoda – Her Life and Times


Author Biography


Ken Stewart was born in 1948 in Perth, Western Australia and grew up in the suburb of Cottesloe. He graduated from the University of Western Australia, BSc & Dip Ed.

He is now a retired teacher after 42 years in the classroom, 25 of those as the Head of Mathematics Department in senior high schools. 

Ten years were spent in Geraldton, WA. and during that period he was a senior goal umpire for the GNFL. He now lives in Balcatta in Perth.

He began writing fiction after retirement, and finished two books within the first year. A third is now under way.

Ken runs a separate web page for his family history research with KITTO as a one-name-study.  He is a keen body surfer and bush walker.



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Batavia Shores

ISBN13 Hardcover: 978-1-4990-1133-1

ISBN13 Softcover: 978-1-4990-1135-7

ISBN13 eBook: 978-1-4990-1142-5

Published by Xlibris 2014

Devlin Pool

ISBN13 Hardcover: 978-1-4836-8966-1

ISBN13 Softcover: 978-1-4836-8965-4

ISBN13 eBook: 978-1-4836-8967-8

Published by Xlibris 2013


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